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"Mission Pluto” Nat Geo/Bigger Bang
* A chronicle of the arrival of spacecraft “New Horizon” to the planet Pluto and the story behind it.

"Extreme Cheapskates” – Sharp/TLC
* A reality show that documents the lives of those who take frugality to an extreme.

"Monumental Mysteries/ Mysteries at the Museum” – DP - Optomen/Travel Channel
* A series chronicling stories behind various monuments/museums throughout the US.

"Dog and Beth: On the Hunt" (formerly Dog the Bounty Hunter) – Camera - CMT
* World renowned fugitive recovery agent Duane Chapman and his wife Beth travel the US in search of dangerous suspects.

"Carrier" - Camera - Icon Pictures/PBS (HD)
* A 10 part Emmy award winning tv series about life aboard an aircraft carrier.

"Hang Men" - Camera – Electus/Discovery
* A series following the lives of telecom electrical workers.

"History Detectives" - DP – Lion/PBS (12 x 53min.)
* A group of researchers help people seek answers historical questions they have, typically centered on an object or structure.

"I used to be fat" DP - MTV
* (HD) Teenagers embark on a battle to lose weight through trainers, fitness regimes and challenges.

"Mystery Diagnosis" – OWN TV Oprah/Discovery Health
* (HD) Unexplained medial conditions are analyzed through interviews and reenactments.

"Road trip" - HBO Latino
*(HD) Promos featuring latin cuisine.